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Ski & Boot Fitting Service


We proudly provide a full menu of tuning services to keep your equipment performing at its best and offer advice from the most experienced staff in the Michigan. We Feature Montana of Switzerland, And Wintersteiger tuning machines that ensure you get the best tune possible. We also offer a variety of base repair and waxing options. Stop in today, and consult with a technician. We will provide you an estimate of your tuning needs.

Performance Tune (Base Resurfacing, Ceramic Sharpened Edges, CH Wax) $49
Race Tune (Base Resurfacing, Ceramic Sharpened Edges, LF Wax) $59
New Race Ski Prep (Hot Box and Ceramic Sharpened Edges) $49
Hot Box $20
Wax Only - CH Wax $10
Wax Only - LF Wax $15
Wax Only - HF Wax $29
P-Tex Repair Starting at $15



Your binding has to hold when it should, and it has to release when it must. Skier’s Peak features the Wintersteiger Drivetronic, which checks your boot/binding system with a computerized calibration to measure the recommended release values. An individually adjusted binding brings peace of mind that is pricesless.  Your bindings are adjusted correctly and saftley, so you can enjoy your day on the slopes!

Binding Mount (Skis and Bindings NOT Purchased at Skier's Peak) $50
Binding Mount (Skis or Bindings Purchased at Skier's Peak) $30
Binding Adjustment $20
Snowboard Binding Mount $15



For the first time, technology makes it possible to adapt the shell of the ski boot completely to the anatomy of any foot. VACU-PLAST material and a special process achieves a fit which is also successfully used by top athletes in the Alpine Ski World Cup. Pressure can now be optimally regulated in the ankle and forefoot area, separately.  It was considered previously unatainable to achieve and exact adaptation to the individual foot anatomy.

Fischer’s three step process involves:

  1. First heat up the shell to 80 degrees Celsius in a specifically designed oven.
  2. Second, the boot liner is inserted into the warm shell. Your foot is inserted into the boot, a Cooling Pad and Compression Pad are fitted
  3. Third you stand on the Fischer Vacuum Fit station where our boot fitters will adjust the entire boot to the anatomy of your feet using compressed air. Then the boot is cooled and they are ready to ski.


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